///09.10.2008 Thursday – Transfer to Montreux
09.10.2008 Thursday – Transfer to Montreux2018-08-30T15:16:08+00:00

Thursday, 09 October 2008
After two successful concerts in Zurich there was a day off we needed to transfer »The Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine« to Monteux. For this we have chosen a special route Lucern – Brünig – Thun – Montreux to show the guests some exciting places in Switzerland.

Transfer to Montreux

First stop was in Lucerne with some walks, visiting “Glacier garden”, “Lion memorial”, old town and “Kappel Bridge”.

After passing Brünig there was a second stop for lunch in “Hotel Freienhof” in Thun and some exciting impressions about this pituresque town.

Arrival in Montreux was late at night at “Hotel Eurotel Riviera”. It was dark and nobody of the orchestra members had an idea about the dreamlike envirement. The surprise the next morning was overwhelming our guests …