///07.10.2008 Tuesday – Concert Zurich Tonhalle «Tchaikovsky»
07.10.2008 Tuesday – Concert Zurich Tonhalle «Tchaikovsky»2018-08-30T15:13:42+00:00

Tuesday, 07 October 2008 – Tonhalle Zurich
It was a very special day for ESPERIA and the orchestra; the first concert has taken place in Tonhalle Zurich of »The Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine« together with the famous pianist Alexei Volodin. ESPERIA especially arranged for the concerts in Tonhalle live recordings.

arrival at Tonhalle
Loading and up loading procedure before rehearsal and getting familiar with Tonhalle.

In the afternoon first rehearsal started at 14h00 and herewith serious work for the musicians and conductor Mykola Diadiura as well as for the sound engineer Andreas Werner and his team for the audio recordings.
Rehearsal means arround 5 hours concentration before concert.

Alexei Volodin at rehearsal
Rehearsal for Tchaikovsky’s »Piano concerto No. 1«. The pianist for the first time played together with the orchestra.

An evening with Tchaikovsky
A fascinating and most impressive moment ESPERIA shared with an excited audience at the first concert.
»The Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine« conducted by Mykola Diadiura together with Alexei Volodin, Piano, in Tonhalle Zurich performed a marvelous program with Tchaikovsky’s

Cappricio italien
Piano concerto No. 1
Symphony No. 6 – Pathétique

Some impressions of Apéro with special guests of ESPERIA after the concert.
ESPERIA’s special guests and friends …