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Foundation Ambassadors

The Foundation Ambassadors are exceptional characters distinguished by their education, professional experience and achievements, ethic conviction and cultural background acting on a voluntary basis. Hence, they are unique individuals who have one strong believe in common, namely an emotional commitment to a prosperous long term development of the Foundation's aims and intentions, representing and supporting the Foundation with their name, personal network and active contribution.

Silviya Dimitrova Georgieva, Ph.D., Sofia

Olga Kostenko, Ph.D., Strasbourg
Nadia Michoustina, Scionzier

Ralph Lucke, Dr., Miesbach

Nicole Beck, Zurich
Christine Bichovsky, Oron-la-Ville
Nataliya Dyka, Zurich
Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter, Zurich
Lyudmyla Kamer-Plyas, Au
Ulrich Schmid, Prof. Dr., Zurich