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Saturday, 11.10.2008 - Auditorium Stravinski Montreux

Montreux – Auditorium Stravinski this famous music hall was a very good place for the final concert of the first Concert Tour in Switzerland of the »Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine«. The day in Montreux was phantastic - a mild wonderful autumn weater - something in the air was promising a great successful concert in the evening.

> Magic music hall ...

Rehearsal with a thrill of anticipation

First on the scheduel was a rehearsal at Auditorium Stravinski for «An evening with Tchaikovsky». This concert hall becharmed the musicians and spread a thrill of anticipation to the special concert evening.

> Rehearsal with a thrill of anticipation ...

An evening with Tchaikovsky

As auspicious the day in Montreux as more auspicious the evening. Auditorium Stravinski is one of the biggest music halls in Switzerland for around 1900 persons and it was nearly full. The concert had to be postponed 15 min. because of the large crowed of audience.
The most auspicious followed with an unforgetable concert of the »Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine« that performed Tchaikovsky in Auditorium Stravinski Montreux under the chief conductor Mykola Diadiura and with soloist Dmytro Sukhovienko, piano

Cappricio italien      Piano concerto No. 1      Symphony No. 6 - Pathétique

> An evening with Tchaikovsky ...

Dmytro Sukhovienko, pianist

Dmytro Sukhovienko was the star of this evening. His performence of Tchaikovsky's «Piano concerto No. 1» together with »The Symphony Orchestra of National Philharmonic of Ukraine« was in an absolut symbiotic way. The audience was totally delighted of this concert.

> Dmytro Sukhovinko, pianist ...

Special thanks to the National Philharmonic of Ukraine

It was a great honour for ESPERIA and pleasure to work together with the
   »Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine«

Our special thanks and honour goes to all musicians for the successful Concert Tour 2008 and extraordinary the representatives of  the

   »National Philharmonic of Ukraine« 

   Prof. Dmytro Ostapenko, General Director 
   Jose A. Hernandez, Deputy General Director on International Relations
   Maestro Mykola Diadiura, Chef conductor 

> Special thanks to the »National Philharmonic of Ukraine« ...

Celebrating final concert

After a spectacular concert friends and guests of ESPERIA celebrated together with the representatives of the National Philharmonic of Ukranine the success of the ESPERIA Concert Tour 2008 ...

> Celebrating final concert ...