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Silviya Dimitrova Georgieva
Born 02 August 1980, Bulgarian

Graduate in music from the National Academy of Music, Sofia, Bulgaria; studied musicology, piano and choral conducting; graduate in music pedagogies and computer technologies in music at the Sofia University «Sv. Kliment Ochridisky»; Ph.D. in musicology.

Performances as solo pianist, in duos, trios and bigger ensembles and as solo and choir singer; further performances as entertainer (piano & voice); conductor of choirs and orchestras; teacher in piano, singing, conducting and theory of music at the Orfeas and at the Alexandrio School of Music in Thessaloniki, Greece; private lessons in the above subjects and in Bulgarian language; organizer of several music events; international experience in Bulgaria, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, France.
Languages: Bulgarian, English, Greek, German, Italian, Slavic languages